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“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the inside yourself.” 

— Oprah Winfrey

Holding Hands

DayOne Matters Sol Sisters are girlfriends who "get it".  We get it because we have been there; from Stage 0 to Stage 4, and all that it encompasses. 


A Sol Sister becomes your cancer care partner who provides unique listening ears, a caring heart and the understanding that can only come from experience.  She is your own personal cheering section! 


DayOne Matters believes that positivity and support are powerful tools when it comes to coping, healing, living with and recovering from cancer.   If you feel that a Sol Sister might be right for you or if you'd like to know more, please fill out the form below.

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“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see  and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” 
                                                                        — John C. Maxwell
Frequently, women who are surviving cancer feel the need to give back.  If you are a Survivor or a past Caregiver who enjoys working one-on-one with people, is compassionate, a good listener and a great cheerleader, please consider contacting us to find out more.  We are always looking for great people to become Sol Sisters to current Fighters, Survivors and Caregivers.  The relationship you develop with your partner is incredibly rewarding for both of you.  Moreover, we know that giving back can be a wonderful way for Survivors and Caregivers to heal and feel good.
Here are some FAQs:

What Is a Typical Partnership Like? 

A lot of times, the majority of the support you provide to a Fighter is done through texting, email or phone.  This can sound impersonal, but remember how tired you were during chemo and radiation?  Texting allows a 24/7 point of contact without burdening your new friend with the need to get dressed, show up or have company.  Sometimes your friend may prefer a coffee date or a visit.  This type of situation is much more common if your friend is a Survivor or a Caregiver.  It is all up to you and her as to how, when and how often you communicate.  The only requirement DayOne Matters insists on is consistency, from beginning to end.

How Do You Screen People? 

We will meet with you in person or interview you on the phone to find out more about you and your cancer experience.

How Will I Be Trained?

Training is through The American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery support training program.  The training is a 6 hour, online course with role playing at the conclusion.  As a bonus, you will be listed on the ACS website as someone who is trained to support cancer patients.  Once complete, you will have a brief meeting with a DayOne Matters staff member who will explain and train your on the specifics of Sol Sister mentoring.


How Long Will I Work With Someone? 

It depends on where they are in treatment or recovery.  We ask that you initially consider a one year commitment.


Does DayOne Matters and/or Sol Sisters Give Out Medical Advice? 

Never.  We do not provide medical advice to anyone.  If you have medical questions, we urge you to talk to your doctor.


Is this Position Paid?

No.  It is a volunteer position.

What If I Can't Fulfill My Commitment? 

Give us a call.  We understand that life happens and we will work with you to transition out of the position.  

What If My Cancer Returns While I'm A Sol Sister? 

Please call us.  Taking care of yourself and your health is the number one priority and we would not expect you to carry on in a mentoring capacity during this time.

What If I Just Don't Connect With My Partner?

We understand that, too, and sometimes things like this happen.  Give us a call.  Sometimes we will re-match you and other times it might just be a matter of learning other ways to connect.  This experience should be enjoyable and gratifying for you.

What If Something Comes Up With My Mentee That I Don't Know How To Handle? 

Call us.  We are happy to help and advise you.  As a Sol Sister, we check in with you, regularly, to see how things are going but you can always call us.

What About Privacy? 

Everything you tell to us is held confidentially and used only to match you with a partner.  

Can I Be A Sol Sister To Someone In A Different City Or State? 

Absolutely!  Email, texting, FaceTime and Skype are all great ways to communicate whether you are in the same city or not.

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