Flattery and Kind Words
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"My Sol Sister and I knew each other a little in high school, but when I got diagnosed with cervical cancer we connected on a much deeper level.  Amy was going through her treatment when I got diagnosed.  It was the darkest time of my life and if it weren't for her I don't know if I would've made it through.  She's strong, compassionate and was always loving and encouraging.  She let me know there was a light at the end of the tunnel and I relied on her strength to get me through.  She "got it" because she was living it, too.  My husband was supportive, but it wasn't the same.  I appreciate and love having her in my life.  We have become good friends and lift each other up.  We still meet for lunch just for girl chat."

Terri L.

"Love the 'girlfriends who get it'.  What a special group of women - inspiring positive, sensitive yet strong!  The whole connection and how things are crossing paths for me is unexplainable. All I can say is, God works in mysterious ways!"

Lisa D.

"When I had a breast biopsy, I had a "feeling" about it.  I contacted my sweet friend Amy who had been through breast cancer two years earlier and asked her to pray. When I received the diagnosis three days later, I let her know right away. Bam!  That was my Day One and she jumped in with both feet, offering encouragement, prayers and concern.  I asked her a million questions and she patiently helped me sort through them.  A week before chemo, I was surprised to receive a DayOne Matters gift bag filled with just the perfect things.  The comforting note and wonderful goodies brightened my days.  I still think of her as I snuggle under my blanket I received in the box as I watch TV.  I have recently completed radiation and she still checks in on me.  This is a meaningful ministry and the regular contact means more than you can imagine."

Martha S.

"I'm so glad you informed me of this group because I have been wanting to join.  Now I'm a part of a group of amazing women who are empowering all women."

Clarissa H.

"It felt like a guardian angel had come into my life...a package arrived on my doorstep at each change point with carefully selected items that I needed during my 10 month journey of three surgeries, twenty weeks of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation to address my breast cancer.  The packages were so thoughtful, timely and completely unexpected.  To my delight, I received the positive text messages along the way.  They were truly the extra boost I needed to keep me moving forward with confidence.  It was also a place to exchange perspectives, understanding and what to do, based on what was transpiring at the moment with my body.  The most special thing about this journey is that I did not meet this person, who was quietly there every step of the way, until month nine, during my radiation. She offered to drive me to a few of my radiation appointments, which was a 90 minute drive, leaving at 6:30 a.m....no small task.  It was in that moment that I met a breast cancer survivor that could relate to me in every way.  I had no idea the impact she would have on my life and meeting her in person was exactly what I needed at that point on my journey.  I was so touched by her heart, asking for nothing but giving me everything, yet invisible until I was ready to make the connection.  I had no idea the connection I would make and the impact she would have on me; a true angel had come into my life.  Importantly, I gained a dear friend for life and its one of the most special gifts I have received from this crazy journey,  I will be forever grateful and must pay it forward."

Amy G.