Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Goals

Our Mission
DayOne Matters, Inc. of Greater Cincinnati is a non-profit breast and gynecological cancer organization whose mission is to provide one-on-one support, resources and assistance to Fighters, Survivors and Caregivers; and to provide holistic support to women in need.  We believe that all women dealing with cancer should be empowered and uplifted in an atmosphere of positivity. 

Our Vision

All women are supported, mind, body and spirit, starting day one of a cancer diagnosis.


To continue the conversation of breast and gynecological cancers in an open, caring, compassionate & friendly manner.

To serve as a hub of information and resources, including professionals, programs and products that are specifically needed by women dealing with cancer.

To create awareness about DayOne Matters so that women, from newly diagnosed to long time survivor, know they can receive immediate, support, any time they need it.

To connect with other support organizations and to share our knowledge and services. 

To inspire, to speak from experience and with truth so that we relate to others as women who "get it".

To laugh, enjoy every day and always be grateful.  We refuse to let cancer take our smiles, our joy, our love or our mission to impact women in need of support.

To help women form positive attitudes about their health as well as to help them understand the power of positivity and the role it plays in coping, healing and surviving.

To eliminate the fear surrounding the word "cancer" and empower women with boldness and strength.