About Us

The creation of DayOne Matters was the culmination of several things.  While in chemo treatment for breast cancer, Founder, Amy Tuten-Darrah, felt led to do something to give back. 


It was the impact of the people who surrounded her at the time, and the disappearance of others, that would spark the conversation of the need for one-on-one support with Founder, and uterine cancer survivor, Brenda Walton.  Together, they determined that Cincinnati area women dealing with breast or gynecological cancer, whether Fighter, Survivor or Caregiver, should be uplifted in a positive, holistic manner, and that no matter where they were in their journey, support would start now. This would be their DayOne.

DayOne Matters has created extensive lists, available on this site, to serve as a one stop shop for positive cancer related information.  From service providers, products and programs to resources, these continually updated lists contain a wealth of help that saves hours of Internet searching.  Additionally, DayOne Matters IMPACT Giving offers women need-based bill assistance, healthy meals and chemo/radiation bags filled with great products.

DayOne Matters believes that positivity and healthy attitudes help Fighters, Survivors and Caregivers recover and heal.  


Through our positivity we aim to take away the power and fear that surrounds the word ''cancer".  We do acknowledge the serious nature of the disease but we choose to focus on the commitment of great doctors, nurses, new drug developments, positive outcomes and good statistics that often get overshadowed by this word.  To that end, we dedicate ourselves and this site to positivity, good news, happiness and the indefatigable spirit and strength of women.

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